Preparing Your Garden Workshop for winter

Windows and Frames: start by ensuring your windows and window frames are securely fastened. We want to prevent wind or rain coming in at all.

Door Security: In regard to locking and fastening, doors and windows always make sure you have the best conditioned padlock for winter months. After a season of inevitable rain and frost, and a chance of snow, you don’t want a rusty padlock come spring time.Garden workshop Add some oil or WD40 to the padlock moving parts to prevent rusting.

Felt Roof: Check the shed roof to ensure there are no rips or damage to the felt roofing, we want to prevent water getting into the shed and having a solid waterproof roof is a good starting point. Any water damage may result with the shed becoming damaged inside and of course, it will more than likely damage some of the contents inside the shed. Prevention is better then cure.

Walls: Making sure your shed is treated with the right wood treatment for winter is also essential and it is highly recommended you treat your shed with a coat of good quality treatment.

A lot of Sheds Direct garden workshops are ideal for use during the winter. The Garden workshop can be used for various things during winter, like working on vehicles or working on your latest project.


What we do suggest to add extra warmth during the winter season would be something like adding some extra insulation or a heater to keep you and your sheds contents in good shed In doing so, you’ll need to understand fully the risks regarding the addition of electrical appliances in your garden buildings.


We hope you enjoy your shed and we would love to hear what you use your shed for.


Please feel free to contact us at:


Sheds Direct


The Airfield, Breighton, Selby YO8 6DJ.


Do you fancy making your own customised mug design and having it printed onto a mug, or would like to use one of your kids drawings to create a custom mug? If so, then life just got a whole lot easier as you can now use one of  our predesigned custom mug templates to allow you to do just that and it involves just a few simple steps . Personalised Mugs

STEP 1: Download one of our Custom Mug Templates.
STEP 2: Create your mug design by printing out the template or importing it into a Graphics programme.

STEP 3: Save your Artwork electronically. (Scan it into your computer if you produced it by hand.)
STEP 4: Upload your Artwork file with your order.

Ceramic or Bone China
You can choose to have your design added to either a ceramic mug or a bone china mug. The difference between the two types is that our ceramic mugs are sturdy and robust whereas the bone china is slightly smaller, lighter and more delicate.

Convert your garden shed into an outside storage area

People use garden sheds for all kinds of different purposes. For some, they are the best place to do their indoor gardening while for others they serve as a storage area where they can store their belongings.

Our garden Workshop can be made according to your needs and requirements, but normally the interior of our sheds is just like an empty room. We do this so that you can use the shed for whatever purpose you desire.

If you intend to use your garden sheds as a place where you can store your things, then provided below are a few tips that will help you in utilizing the space effectively.

Make a Plan!

If you are interested in storing more with the space you have then the first and the most important thing you are required to do is to plan!

You need to have a plan before starting to store your belongings in your garden shed. Haphazardly or randomly dumping your things might not help you in making the right use of the space.

You should visualize the things that you want to place in your garden shed first and see whether or not they fit in the area smoothly.

If not, then you should take a look at the garden shed accessories market. There is a huge market filled with accessories that can assist you in making the right use of your garden sheds space.

Mobalpa Warrington – How to host a wine tasting party

Are you bored of hosting the same old dinner or house parties? If you would like to try something different with your friends, then consider injecting a little class and sophistication (not to mention fun) with a wine tasting evening. It may seem like an intimidating prospect that will require heaps of knowledge and equipment, but this is not the case.Also Make Your Kitchen Beautiful With the Help of Kitchens Cheshire

With that in mind, please allow us to present our quick guide to hosting the perfect wine tasting evening.

Where to start?

The first thing that you should consider is a theme for your party. It is no good to simply pop into your local supermarket and grab a bunch of random bottles. Your evening will lack coherence and the flavours of the wines will clash with one another. Some ideas to consider are:

  • Choose a region of the world and sample different wines from it.
  • Choose a varietal (Merlot, for example) and try different examples of it from around the world.
  • Horizontal tasting: this is when you choose a varietal and a specific year and sample each.
  • Choose a winemaker
  • Choose a type (reds, whites, sparkling etc.)

The food situation is the next thing to consider. Serving food with the wine will destroy the flavours, so you need to either tell your guests to eat before they come, serve a light meal prior to tasting or something for afterwards. Make sure that your guests are fully aware of the food situation beforehand, and also make sure you put out some bread and/or crackers to act as palette cleansers.


The first thing on your shopping list, if you do not already have them are some decent glasses. One per guest should be sufficient unless you want to give them a fresh glass with each new wine, but that will be a little unrealistic for a home party. Make sure that they are clear, so that guests can see the wine, and make sure that they have stems, so that the wine does not become warm with body temperature.

When shopping for the wine itself, choose wine from different price ranges. Each bottle will serve about five full glasses or enough for six to ten people for tasting, so make sure that you buy plenty.

Other items that you will need include corkscrews (more than one), a wine opener, a spittoon (a large bowl or individual cups will suffice), an ice bucket if you are having white wine, a decanter for reds, a white tablecloth to help the colour of the wine stand out, tasting grids (available online) and some table water. Kitchens Surrey


Six to twelve people is a good number for a wine tasting, but this number will depend on how much room you have around your table. You want enough people to comfortably stand around it without extras who will have to lean over other guests to join in. It will make things uncomfortable for the people around the table and the people on the outside will feel alienated.

Consider everybody’s wine knowledge as well. If everybody is clueless or everybody is a buff then that is fine. However, you want to avoid the situation where you have one person who knows nothing amongst a load of experts, or one know-it-all who is giving everybody lectures.

The Tasting

Your evening is finally here; your guests have arrived, the table is set and you are ready to go. Let us therefore provide you with a short introduction to wine tasting to get you on your way:

  • Ø  Introduce the wine you will be drinking and give a few facts about its origin.
  • Ø  Pour a small amount and swirl the wine to allow it to breathe.
  • Ø  Smell the wine and try to focus on the individual aromas.
  • Ø  Take a small sip, swirl it around in your mouth then swallow or spit it out.

Make sure that you taste the wine in order from lightest to darkest, otherwise the darker flavours will corrupt the lighter ones. The only exception to this rule is if you have a dessert wine, which should always be left until last, regardless of its strength. Similar wines, such as ones from consecutive years, should also be tasted in order. It is best to work this all out ahead of time and have the bottles lined up in order to help your evening flow better.

After each wine has been sampled, give people time to consider and write down their impressions. It is best to do this before opening the subject up to discussion so that peoples’ opinions are not influenced by others. People without much experience of wine may feel a bit shy or silly doing this, which is why it is important to invite people of a similar ability. Things to consider when making notes are:

  • Ø   Aromas and flavours (fruits, chocolate, earth etc.)
  • Ø   Texture and weight (light, crisp, full-bodied, rough or smooth)
  • Ø   Balance (does one flavour dominate or is it a blend?)
  • Ø          Finish (does the flavour linger or vanish quickly)

There you have our quick and simple guide to a fabulous wine-tasting evening, suitable for amateurs and connoisseurs alike. Do you put on wine-tasting evenings for your friends and, if so, do you have any suggestions that we have missed? Or maybe you are just thinking about putting on your first one? Either way, let us know in the comments below.

Oh, and one more thing, please try and avoid the ultimate wine-tasting faux-pas: Do not get drunk!

Have fun.

The IT Industry

The IT industry is moving at breakneck speed at the moment. A few years ago it was all so simple at the smaller end of the market.

A company would come to us with 10 or more users and say they need help sharing files and their pop/imap email hosting is groaning.  “Get a small business server” you’d say, “one size fits all” (as long as you aren’t bigger than 75 users).  They’d get a windows server, exchange email and active directory authentication all in one box! Unheard of in the enterprise world which needed three or more servers to do provide the same functionality.

Then along came the catchily named, Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite, or BPOS for short.  This was Microsoft cloud v1.  A quick rebrand and upgrade and this became Office 365, and that system had a complete upgrade last year and is now in version 3!  As everyone who uses Microsoft products, version 3 is when they get it right.

Office 365 is hosted files and emails from Microsoft themselves.  “why host your own email server when we can host it for you”?  Get rid of that sbs box and get a small business essentials box.  One size fits all (as long as you aren’t bigger than 25 users)

That was about the last time anything was simple!

Questions, questions

What if I’m bigger than 25 users?

What is the difference between Office 2013 and Office 365?

Can i host files in office 365?

Can i have one logon for everything?

What is a skydrive?

What is sharepoint?

Even for us it can sometimes be hard to keep up, however we are migrating customers to office 365 almost daily now and it’s a great time to review your IT Support London.  For example, if you have a SBS 2003 server, accessing your files without a VPN is almost impossible and if you have the latest version of Office, 2013, you can’t even connect to your email server, you have to use the old 2003 owa or try and get copies of 2010 on the black market, or via volume licensing.

With Windows Essentials server or Office 365 all your files and emails are directly accessible via the web and it can all be automatically to your PC, mobile phone, ipad, tablet, blackberry you name it.  Sync is the new backup and disaster recovery!  Although having said that, enterprise cloud backup has finally come of age and is now affordable but that’s another topic.

At Jolly IT we are using all this internally and are about to start using Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online, hopefully I’ll be able to write about that in the next blog!

בוק בת-מצווה | צילומי בת-מצווה | בוק בר-מצווה

סטודיו ליאורית הינו סטודיו מקצועי לצילום שמתמחה בצילומי בת-מצווה.

כדרך חיים, אני מאמינה בתמורה הוגנת לתשלום המשולם ולכן אני מקפידה לגבות מחיר סביר לסשן צילומי סטודיו.בוק בת מצווה

חבילות צילומי בת-מצווה הינן עשירות בתוכן רב ותוכלו לבחור מהרשימה למטה את זמן הצילום, כמות הרקעים וסוגיהם, אביזרים וסך והתמונות הערוכות בפוטושופ.

אני מאוד מעריכה את איכות התמונות בסטודיו וגם מאוד אוהבת את הגיוון והטבעיות שיש לתמונות חוץ. בצילום איכותי בסטודיו ניתן להגיע לתוצאה מדהימה תוך נוחות מירבית ובצילומי חוץ ניתן להגיע למראה טבעי, מגוון ומהמם.

בואו להתרשם מהחבילות האטרקטיביות שמשלבות צילומי סטודיו וצילומי חוץ.

בחבילות הצילום ניתן גם לשלב מאפרת מקצועית ואלבומים דיגיטאליים או קנבס.

סטודיו ליאורית מציע סטודיו מרווח של 80 מ”ר, עםחניה צמודה, תא הלבשה, מטבחון, שירותים, פינת ישיבה ואביזור הכי מקצועי שיש. במהלך השנים רכשתי המון אביזרים איכותיים שיגרמו לתמונות שלכם להיראות אישיות ומיוחדות. אני לא מתפשרת על איכות ולכן כל הציוד אצלי הינו הכי איכותי שקיים בשוק הצילום.

אני מאמינה שמי שמגיע לסטודיו צריך לקבל תמונות מדהימות וחוויה אישית מהנה – וזו הבטחה!

בוק בת מצווה בסטודיו ליאורית הינה חוויה מרגשת ומדהימה שלא מתפשרת על איכות ושירותיות.

אשמח לשמוע ממכם,


Sheffield is eminent for its warm and inviting way to deal with guests, and being home to one of the wealthiest social legacies in the UK.

Sheffield is England’s fourth biggest city, after Leeds, Birmingham and London. With a populace in abundance of 512,000, its thought to be one of the most secure urban areas in the UK urban areas to live and work.

A great part of the city exists in the Peak District National Park (truth be told its the main UK city to have a national stop inside of its limits), furthermore contains 150 forests and 50 open parks making it England’s greenest city.

In spite of the quite adored greenery, Student Accommodation Sheffield is otherwise called ‘the city of steel’, because of its notable steel industry, is still viewed as one of the world’s most talented assembling regions in cutting edge designing and pro steels.

Most Popular with Students

Voted just like the most mainstream understudy destination in the UK, more graduates choose to stay in Sheffield once they have completed their studies than in some other college city. Both of the colleges in Student Accommodation Sheffield are eminent for creating effective graduates, with more than 92% of the 12,000 that rise every year going ahead to discover productive occupation.

Sports aficionados will be quick to realize that Sheffield FC is the most established running football group on the planet, and the main other group separated from Real Madrid to be granted the FIFA Order of Merit. At the same time, if football’s not your thing, then Sheffield is obviously home to the Crucible Theater, where the World Snooker Championship is held consistently.

The most secure bitcoin wallet on the planet!

EliptiBox is a Ultra Secured Bitcoin Wallet that is resistant to all digital assaults.It is a minor box that interfaces with Android cell phone through Bluetooth.It is completely overseen from your cell phone and gives you the best ease of use with ultra-high security.It is the main wallet on the planet that has:


FPGA Firewall is a True bitcoin hardware wallet Logic Machine which is the main flawless approach to get genuine security. As opposed to all other equipment wallets, this firewall gives full insurance against code infusion, USB weakness, equipment and RNG Trojans that exist on modern ICs.It has a ton of astounding peculiarities like bio-metric sensor, E-Ink Display, uSD card for reinforcement, interior blaze memory, authentication chip, physical TRNG and then some… (Perused roar).

The majority of that inside a size of 3×6 cm and thickness of just 9mm, much littler than a charge card.This is the consequence of active extraordinary experience, two years of diligent work and striving for flawlessness.The flawlessness of this gadget goes much deeper into the equipment structure and PCB layers. It has complete metal protecting, physical disengagement of the Crypt o Zone and partition against crosstalk and radiation.

It is 100% open source to permit every one of you to trust just yourself and make imaginative arrangements with it.We welcome you to peruse about our answer, group methodology and crowd funding.We accept that, in the same way as us, you are going to begin to look all starry eyed at By what means would I be able to trust FPGA code generator device to make careful execution of the abnormal state code?FPGA code is a depiction of the real silicon associations of the application circuit with last number of circuit states and last number of inputs and yields. These associations are consistent and characterized by the bitstream. The designer can check circuit conduct by infusing all conceivable inputs mixes and recording all yields. Our source code is a comprehensible reference for the circuit conduct.

Buying Garden Sheds in a Limited Budget

For all those shed lovers out there who want to buy their dream garden shed but are short of some pounds then provided below are the tips they need to follow to get the best out of their money.

Plan before Buying

The most crucial and important step in buying a garden sheds within a set budget is to plan before going out for shopping it.During the planning phase you must ask yourself a few questions including why do you need a garden shed? Where will you place it? How much space and budget do you have?If for example you need your garden sheds for storage purposes then you might want to buy a shed with more shelves and compartments. You would also want to place it at the back of your house.If, on the other hand, you want your garden workshop to do some indoor gardening then you might want to opt for a potting shed that offers more potting space and is in a place where proper sunlight reaches inside the shed.

Look for a Company with Competitive Prices

You can look around and do some window shopping in order to choose a company that offers competitive prices for a garden shed without compromising the quality.There are many shed companies out there that work for profit and charge higher prices, but at Sheds Direct we make the highest quality garden sheds at the most affordable rates.

Find Customizable Garden Sheds

You should search for a company that provides the option of buying customizable garden sheds. This way you can have a garden shed that is according to your needs and thus within your needs.When budget is tight, your priority is to get the most of it in limited money. A professional garden shed maker can customize your garden shed in a way so as to make it more useful and cost-effective.

Consider Land and Weather Conditions

If you know the type of land on which your house is built and the weather conditions common in your city then you might actually save some money.Selecting the appropriate site for building your garden shed is very important to your budget. It is usually not recommended to build a shed at the top of hill or area that collects more water.Sheds Direct recommends that on level ground and moderate weather, a foundation of tanalised treated timber on a gravel base may be satisfactory. This may also lower the cost.

Search for Useful and Inexpensive Accessories

In order to get the most out of garden sheds, you can search around for useful yet inexpensive accessories that you can install.A large variety of these accessories can be found at your local department stores or online. Some examples include plastic hooks and racks.A good way to make the best of your garden shed within a limited budget is to look for accessories that can stack up like baskets and bins that reduce the space taken by them.So, if you are looking for a quality garden shed that will last for life and will be perfect within your limited budget then call us at 01405 765400 or simply email us at

מתנות לנשים יפות

הגיע יום ההולדת של מי שאתם הכי אוהבים ואתם לא יודעים מה לקנות.

קניתם לה כבר את כל הבשמים ולקחתם אותה כבר למסעדות הכי טובות.

מתנה לאישה

אז איך מחדשים? איך קונים מתנה שכל אישה ממש תרצה לקבל?

סטודיו ליאורית יגרום לאישה להרגיש דוגמנית ליום אחד וישאיר לה חוויה מדהימה וזכרונות נצחיים.

סטדיו ליאורית המקצועי מתמחה בצילומי יופי ודוגמנות. הסטודיו רחב מימדים ומעוצב בצורה נעימה, נוחה ויפה.

בסטודיו יש את מיטב הציוד הקמצועי שיגרום לכל אחת להיראות מדהים.

חבילת מתנה לאישה כוללת איפור מקצועי וצילומי בוק מקצועי בסטודיו. את החבילה ניתן לשדרג בתוספת אלבום דיגיטאלי או קנבס.

אז איך מזמי

Wedding Candles By celtmyth

In numerous weddings, candles are used to make an atmosphere of warmth and fondness. Also to be correct, the blaze implies the fire or energy between the couple. A couple of couples enhance the use of candles in their wedding by holding their weddings amid the night. The opinion of the dusk and the night makes evening weddings so dazzling. Wedding candles can be used to symbolize a whole have of parts of the event. They can be used as an evidence of union between the man and the woman, solidarity candles are truly the most remarkable for of wedding candles. This is mainly in light of the way that they suggest the inside inspiration driving the wedding: the union of two individuals in eminent marriage.

Solidarity candles are said to be joined in the weddings in a variety of ways. To begin with, in the midst of the wedding administration, the couple can light two diminished candles as an evidence of the impressive bond that has been made between them. If the few is getting children to the marriage that is fitting for the candles to be lit by the young people to suggest the solidarity. Also, a couple of couples may choose to have a gatekeeper from every one side -the life partners and the men of great importance to light the candles. This is most suited especially for intertribal or cover racial social unions since it shows that both sides are for the union. The best bit of solidarity candles is that their versatility licenses them to be used as a piece of both significant and non supernatural wedding capacities.

Moreover, not at all like in the routine setting where couples strive for the white candle with age old frameworks, couples have the decision of picking their own specific arrangements. A couple can have something remarkable made for them. For example, a couple of couples have their names engraved in the wedding candles or have a package of their most cherished number. This carving is used as an indication of the precisely how significant the commitment they have for each other runs.

Wedding candles are used to symbolize the event and additionally a basic bit of the dcor. Candles add warmth to the social event and overhaul the blossom demonstrate that has been picked for the wedding. There are diverse ways that candles can be used as dcor. You should not oblige yourself to white candles. Strive for wedding candles whose shade matches the subject of the wedding. For formal weddings, smooth candles are most suitable while for less formal weddings, structured, composed or weaved candles are the best approach.

As of late, people have combined the possibility of using wedding candles as favors. The impulse driving this is the way that you would like your guests to pass on a touch of your union home. A flawlessly wrapped fire serves as a remarkable wedding backing which guest will perceive and show at their homes.

Dependent upon how you breaker candles in your wedding, it is clear that their warmth will add atmosphere to your wedding. Remember to pick deliberately as you pick your wedding candles. Strive for something that is engaging and additionally identifies with the shade arrangement of the wedding to keep away from hammering.


Chinese Investment lands in downtown Montreal for a Real Estate Market project

Chinese investors are Going to diversify outside China and Montreal seems an undervalued opportunity, said by Steve Di Fruscia, chief executive officer of Tianco Group, a Canadian real estate development group shared by Chinese stalk holders.

Tianco has teamed up with Montreal’s Brivia Group to built a $300-million YUL-condominium project in central Montreal on the south end of René Lévesque Blvd between Mackay and Bishop Streets.

The development plann to open in 2017 will have 2 38-storey tall towers housing 800 units and 17 townhouses. The historic Louis-Hippolyte Lafontaine house at the southeast side of the development site on Overdale Ave. will be remade as a single-family home, as a desired condition set by the city of Montreal.

Tianco is abut to announcing some other real estate investments in the city of Montreal , said by Di Fruscia. The company already is doing stuff in Vancouver and wants to step into other markets accross Canada.

The YUL-development representing 1 of the biggest condominium projects underway in the city of Montreal. Tianco is the 1st Chinese company to invest in the development of highrise condos in the region of Quebec.

And its partner Brivia Group is managed by a Chinese-Canadian, Kheng Ly, who has developed many local real estate marketing ventures, like Innova Condos in Ahuntsic, C3 Cavendish at N.D.G. and Le Condoval in Laval.
“Kheng Ly have been living in Canda for 26 yrs and has been involved in real-estate business for 13 years. They have a bit of real estate under their belt,” Di Fruscia said.“That’s another reason why (Tianco) wants to get involved in this project — because of Mister Kheng Ly”

Both the parties came together after being introduced by the Bank of China in Montreal at their office.Tianco has 2 deep pocketed Chinese shareholders with lot of experience & financial back, said by Di Fruscia says.

“1 of Our major share-holder that is Han Qing , is 1 of the big real estate figure in China, he is the biggest real estate developer in the province of Gansu in north west China. Every year he is making around 10 million sqft of building space, so he is coming from an real big real estate background actually.

“Now that there are situations in China are softening, Han Qing and a many of other companies are starting to see outside China for investment opportunities. That is the case of Tianco for the last 2 years.” A 2nd shareholder is a Chinese woman, Qu Jinye, who also has extensive real estate experience in auction business in China.

“They come from a too much strong financial back-ground & are really able to build very high capital with-in the organization.” Mr. Di Fruscia said , at least for now, the major goal is to marketize YUL to citizens of Montreal rather than to the Chinese buyers using latest real estate marketing tools.
“We believe in the local market, so we would like to buy local efforts with-in the Montreal. In the future, we will look into real estate marketing properties in China and also other parts of Asia.”

The condominiu markets in Vancouver & Toronto are extensively driven by Asian cash looking for an investment homes rather than a personal residential homes. Di Fruscia said the same thing could “potentially” happen in this city Montreal, but the market here is more balanced in terms of residential demand so sales efforts in Asia “don’t make as much sense to our eyes.”

“Montreal is not a condominium market just yet as compared with the other cities in Canda but It’s still 1 of the biggest rental markets in North America. It’s a matter of transitioning from renting to buying.”

source :


Is a Cell Phone a Good Gift for Your Mate? Yes, indeed it is the best gift that you can offer your loved ones. We are living in an era where a cell phone has become a basic need.Buy Cell Phones Long ago phones were used for the purpose of communication but currently they come with plenty of uses that are beneficial to us.People have become very busy in their hustles to make ends meet by working. With a cell phone, you will be able to communicate by calls and messages, gaze over news over the social media and press media web pages and as well listen to music and watch videos.

These are just but a simple overview on some of the benefits which come with cell phone. It is why concluding that a cell phone is an excellent gift for your mate is very right. As opposed to the past where people valued flowers, cards and other forms of gifts, the current generation calls for gifts that will assist the users in some ways. Cell Phone, more the Smartphone or something better than it will give your mate much more than just the sense of a gift.Sell Used Cell Phones

Apart from putting a smile on their face they will also have a great sense of appreciation in that you will have boosted them in various ways. The experience that comes from a phone gift is not shareable by words. Whereas a phone is far much cheaper than many gifts that are not usable, they have advantages.

For example, during your holiday hike, adventure, or party with your mate you have to take some photos that will act as a memory. The same phone can still be used. You will also create an album where you can compile all these portraits and save them in a way that will always make that day memorable.Cell Phone Gifts for your Mate come with a wide variety of options. At Phone Store Denver, you will be assisted when it comes to selecting the best cell phone which will leave your mate amazed. Remember that this is a gift that can be given to a person of any age, race, culture, or size. It doesn’t matter how long you have lived with your mate; be it some days of some decades the cell phone gift will still serve a great purpose.Denver Cell Phone Repair

The only thing to consider when buying your Cell Phone Gift for your loved one at Phone Store Denver is the age of your love, relationship and your mate. Younger people need phone that can give them access to the internet, and those will allow then to access the social media. Instagram, Facebook, Whatsup, and Twitter are all full of the younger generation. Even though we have got older people who use them, younger people have dominated there in terms of numbers and usage. Why not consider Smartphone,

Samsung Notes, Samsung Galaxy Phones or iPhone for such people? You might not imagine how astounding the gift will be to them!

Does God Speak through Art

God speaks via anything that will turn our attention to Him. People vary in terms of talents, size, hobbies, work, and also how they communicate with God. Whereas the three most used modes of communication with God include singing, reading the scriptures and praying it is good to understand that God can also communicate to us and with us in very many other ways. Art is just one of the ways. The word art is so broad when it comes to its meaning. It can refer to a piece of crafted scripture on a certain material, awesome music, a painting or even other forms of man-made designs.

Brian Olsen’s Art in Action gives you a chance to let God speak with you through his art. With his expertise and God-Given talent, Brain takes you through a chain of great artistic designs from music, painting and other forms of design. As a performance painter, Brian can paint religious portraits that show you the great things that God has done on the lives of many people. You will experience a chance where you can get portraits of famous people from all corners of the world who have received God’s Blessings.

Ideally, communication from God gives us an opportunity to think on the situations and things that touch our deep feelings, things which really matter, impressions that shape us in life as well as things that make us to see the beauty of world. There are very many people who have received God’s blessings and whom you emulate in life; Brian will give you a chance to grow your dream by acquiring portrait of such persons. Brian Olsen is a Speed painter, who paints the portrait of public figures, famous musicians, to sportsmen and women, as well as other corporate figures and politicians.

There are very many scriptures that can be put in painting in ways that can captivate the attention of those people who need the word of God. Brain gives you a chance to have such scenes in painting. You will get an opportunity to have a clear view of music in art. Praising God through music means that you are speaking with Him. There are those world class musicians who have produced great religions songs. At Brian Olsen’s Art in Action, you will get their music revived in artistic ways. You will get the sense of presence and belonging on this world.

Art is great in millions of ways. Through the portraits made by Brain Olsen, as a Performance Painter, you will lift your spirits and heart. You will get soothed, excited, comforted, and as well feel the passion that awakens your heart and ears. Brian’s Speed painting talent allows him to use his hands, elbows, some painting brushes, fingertips, and a piece of canvas to communicate to other people. There are many ways that you can motivate yourself religiously. Take a chance a let Brain’s Artistic designs and music soothe your heart and awaken your spirits and thus giving God a chance to speak with you!


Customized MUGS: Over 100 outlines to look over with most accessible in a mixture of shades.

We all acknowledge getting a bespoke blessing or remembrance present, and as our clients can affirm, a customized printed mug or as they are now and again known Personalised Mugs with your name on” are valued a smidgen more than a standard off the rack one, and for good reason like Keep calm mugs. Bone China and Ceramic Personalised Mugs:both our ceramic mugs & Bone China mugs extents are dishwasher verification and microwave safe and are printed in full shade and as a result of the nature of our covering creates an eminent smooth & sharp complete. The extraordinary thing about our administration is that there is no situated up expense as there would be with screen printing, and we additionally offer mass rebates and amount rebates on bigger requests so look at them however don’t hesitate to drop us an email on the off chance that you have any inquiries.

It is safe to say that you are looking to get marked customized mugs for your staff or clients? With our Personalized Printed Promotional Mug choice, you have the capacity include names or messages into your outline which are incredible for office or to commend an unique occasion. Simply take after our 4 straightforward steps.

STEP 1: Download one of our Promotional Mug Templates from the layout library.

STEP 2: Create your configuration by printing out the format or importing it into a Graphics program.

STEP 3: Save your Artwork electronically. (Examine it into your machine in the event that you created it by hand.)

STEP 4: Upload your Artwork document with your request.


5 Mugs (Price Breaks accessible – see underneath graph)

Work of art FORMATS:

We acknowledge PDF, PSD, EPS, TIF or JPEG documents.



MUG TYPES: (more data)

Clay: Size: 10oz: 9cm High x 8cm Dia | Weight: 310gr

Bone China: Size: 7oz: 8.4cm High x 7.5cm Dia | Weight: 185gr


100% Dishwasher Safe.


This item ordinarily sends inside 2 working days.

Overview of the rides at Dufan / Dunia Fantasi

May, the two times I went to Dufan (Dunia Fantasi Ancol – Jakarta). I am curious about the story of the people of the vehicle TORNADO gripping! and I also got interested in mercari articles associated with tornadoes. Although the news has long been circulated, but I remain curious until now. The result is that I get from the internet … ..

Have you heard the information on Impian Jaya Ancol park some time ago about the game rides tornadoes, may also have to forward to your emails all through friends or so. Here are excerpts those who have never read (subject Dunia Fantasi is way too old – sick, system ….)

I and my big famz jalan2 dufan,, opportunity to enjoy a quiet dufan without queuing,, then i naek POWER SURGE 2x !! Lo all who’ve been to dufan power surges that donk know where,, even there who had never been on ato fear naek ?!), atleast lo know how to shape it tuh,, who like windmills, continue lo played ampe up bgt (around 50 meters), located after PALACE DOLL. Tau right ?? !! Well,, when i and the other 5 gw cousin up the first time nothing happened,,,,,, Because everything baik2 only challenger adrenaline,, coz, coz agreed to ride again,, That was when the trouble begun d,, From first want to start games weve already somewhat chaotic,, safetynya some kinda saggy jd alternating checked,, ampe who already sit pd protest sangking heat,, 1pm bow !!!

Finally,, everything is safe, the operator jg already convinced, and start racking saat2,,
After playing around 360 degrees, digoyang2, that hair crazily chaotic guns, blood already moved to the head of all,, the game slows down, the which is meant dah want to finish.

Tp,, strange that the game slows down when we are all still on the above. And u know what,, IT STUCK !! TOTAL TIME STOP game all aboard STILL ON THE HEIGHT 50 meters earthen !!!!

Position danger all, gw yg ade gw front seat, face-down position, kyk klo lg sleep on my stomach. His face was already pale bgt, I’ve shouted “Handbook which closely yes !!” PLG clincher gw takutin adl, safety off,, and thud !! Rain person view from above dimana2,, jg ga good bgt. There was a nice ngerekam the incident, there is a busy take some pictures, there are parents who teriak2 no reply ampe jg her cry neriakin spy pegangan.Nyokap i even too creative with the main lempar2an drink bottles and saudara2 bwt gw gw,, All Seeing org yg pd shouted, , some angry,, krn some ap menghad position collapsible sun jakarta jam1 siangyg no mercy heat guns,, ampe nangis2 pd. Pokokn yes Hectic bgt! Oom gw yg pilot, intervened u / bantuin operator,,

It turns out that that jmlnya operator2 3 guns org,, THEY EVEN KNOW THE PROCEDURE what to dilakuin! SEVERE !! THEY EVEN KNOW guns JETSETnya how do I run it !! CRAZY !! Approximately 20 minutes we were all up there,, menyerempet2 death, began to realize dosa2 far, repentance. Seeing hold guns gw gw yg ade change jd ampe pale blue color face, anak2 who nagis2 above krn overheating + fear. I fear half-dead,, alternating praying inwardly.

Finally,, the game down too consummately,, everything baik2 wrote. Even there bpk2 who want demanded the dufan for diz incident. For me and my FAMS,, thank you enough for everything baik2 krn same Lord alone. Tp who makes gw BT bgt adl, dufannya parties, or at least there are guns operator who blg sorry ato strings attached kek,, pdhal our lives at stake right up there !!

As a law student sn,, i want ngajuin the class action lawsuit for compensation if necessary !! It bener2 gw own experience, not rumors,, not a second hand story. for lo all who want to DUFAN, I saranin hati2, better guns have. DUFAN is way too old.

Finally, with the circulation of rumors and rumors are, the Ancol directly provide feedback through messages / advertisements in almost all electronic media in Indonesia. Is this incident purely happen? wallahu’alam. Because had heard that name in the prediction Mama Lauren brought the incident. Maybe this engineering parties are not happy over the existence of the place.

Accidents in DUFAN

Some time ago Mama says Laurent, this year there will be a 1 game is suddenly broken and the rose will die all .. game anyway he said that often dinaikin people .. you never know What Might Happen Eventually later on .. UNTIL Monday date (1 oct 07) and the incidence of proven, new vehicle TORNADO dufan crashed! But the news just came out at a glance on RCTI. (Who called killed at least 23 people) revealed no obvious fact because then no longer news dufan muncul.pihak smart mouth shut yah .. craziest, advertisements tornado tetep even exaggerated! even add more diskon2 to attract pengunjung.bener2 INSANE !!! although after the incident, the tornado was not operating for a few days. for parties who know, or maybe there at dufan when the H.coba please split the news …

TORNADO – Dufan Adi Nugroho

People in alternating balikin up crazy, I dare ga ride while being force !! I dare ga 360derajat twisted around like that. Although they say better ride tornadoes in bandingin kora-kora. But I mending kora-kora .. I dare ga rose tornado, nauzubillah afraid of things I do not want.
People are willing to queue for hours to ride the rides tornado that issues are gripping. To dufan guns rose tornado why ?? it is in want of all people is the tornado. That said my friend, and according Tamen-Tamen my heart feels’ve climbed it seemed to be taken away somewhere, the adrenaline was really in the test, then ga dare really to open the eyes, for fear of height .. People also on beristighfar, mentioning the name of Allah .. Remember sin, remember the dead, adukk mixed feelings. But it fits very quiet stop heart, fitting again twisted around 360derajat, it can not fantasize about, enough that I know how it feels and I fear when riding a tornado. That said my friend, Mia Lystia HHE …

Sekarrang even no more new rides in dufan, hysteria which height is 60 meters. I see yourself taller than tornadoes. Dare people ride the rides ??? Definitely want nyoba, nguji want adrenaline.
Feel and enjoy themselves rides in dufan like how. In the guarantee have fun all, enjoy jakarta .. Enjoy with dufan :)

Auto Leasing Buyers Guide  

 Article Written by : 

Beneath you will discover some accommodating data about the methodology of renting an auto.
What is Personal Car Leasing / Auto renting is a method for paying for the utilization of an auto over an indicated time of time. It is fundamentally the same to leasing, however as opposed to contracting a vehicle for a brief time ( like one or two weeks )  renting normally goes on for between 12 to 48 months.At the point when renting an auto, you don’t really own the vehicle, you are just procuring it – which can bring some included profits.How Car Lease deals Work?

The auto you wish to rent will have a retail ( out and about ) cost – that is the cash it would be justified regardless of on the off chance that it you needed to purchase it when the agreement begins. Car Lease deals however with renting you’re not purchasing the vehicle, you’re renting it – so an alternate estimation of the vehicle must be dead set.

This is the ‘remaining worth’, which is an assessment of what the vehicle will be justified even despite toward the end of your lease contract – after deterioration is considered. This is frequently controlled by the length of agreement and the yearly mileage that will be carried out.

Your regularly scheduled installments are then focused around the distinction between the retail cost and the remaining quality. This implies you don’t pay at the full cost of the auto, thus the lower regularly scheduled installments (contrasted with financing the whole cost of purchasing the auto).

Toward the end of your lease, you basically hand the auto over to the renting organization.

You will then have the choice of taking out a lease on an alternate new auto. On the other hand relying upon what sort of agreement you had, you may have the capacity to keep the vehicle by method for a last installment. ( regularly called the blow up installment )

Look at Leasing Against Buying

Personal Car Leasing is the future method for owning new autos and transforming them each 2 or 3 years without losing a huge number of pounds and having the issues of being in negative value.

Relatively few individuals have the money to purchase another carwithout some type of fund, regardless of the possibility that you do have the trusts to purchase another auto altogether you can even now lose genuine measures of cash if you decided to change it inside the initial 3 years.

Through examination and client criticism we have secured that a high rate of individuals purchasing an auto on Dealer Finance or taking a Personal Loan decide to change vehicle just to discover the settlement figure ( sum extraordinary on the credit ) is regularly higher than the exchange estimation of the auto consequently bringing about a status of contrary value.

Negative Equity normally represents an enormous issue to the purchaser, the answer for this is Car Leasing, otherwise called Contract Hire. In the past contract enlist has been connected with business and organization armadas, this is no more the case. Individual auto renting is presently expanding quickly all through the UK and is currently a standout amongst the most famous financing arrangements.

Profits of Car Leasing

No gigantic in advance expenses, auto advances or capital expense. By and large Contract Hire assentions have a little beginning rental ( regularly 3-6 regularly scheduled installments ahead of time )

Month to month reimbursements will generally speaking be significantly not exactly the reimbursements of an auto credit on the same vehicle.

Genuine feelings of serenity that the rental expenses will stay at the same level all through the term of the lease. The autos guarantee period will ordinarily cover the length of time of the lease and different maintenance bundles can be added to cover adjusting, tires and so on.

Street Fund License and Breakdown Cover is normally included in the month to month lease cost for the span of the agreement.

You will have the capacity to drive an auto that may be out of your financial plan regarding price tag.

Early Termination

The agreement is typically for an altered period and early end of vehicles won’t ordinarily be allowed. There frequently can be excellent circumstances where the early end of an agreement gets to be vital, for example, budgetary trouble. There is a recipe for this is will be normally be found in the agreement terms and states of the lease assention.

State of Vehicle

You as the hirer are in charge of the state of the vehicle amid the agreement period. This will be dictated by the condition reports which must be marked by you on conveyance and accumulation of the vehicle. Each vehicle ought to be returned in a condition that is steady with an utilized vehicle of the same age and mileage. Vehicles will be reviewed for body harm, driver carelessness and guarantee/ administration encroachments. In the event that use is needed for repairs like gouges, scratches or missing things, the expense will be invoiced to you for quick installment, subject to the Fair Wear and Tear conditions in the ascension.

Online Cell Phone Repair

One of the greatest things you can do to your old phones is bringing them back to life. At Phone Store Denver, this is made exemplary easier. With our highly trained professionals and Online Cell Phone Repair Training and services, you are always assured that you can give your old phone a new life.Buy Cell Phones We are stocked with staffs and technicians who are extremely skilled and always equipped with the know-how that can be used to carry out repairs for newest phone brands as they storm the technology market. Whether you need repair for your iPhone, iPads, iPods, Windows and Android Smartphones, Tablets, just to mention but a few. Phone Store Denver will provide you with the services. There are plenty of benefits that come with the use of our Cell Phone Repair services also you can Sell Used Cell Phones. Remember that some repairs will require re-installation of new phone parts. You are always guaranteed of the best phone accessories and repairing parts. What about our Online Cell Phone Repair training and services? Worried because we are located in Denver, Co whereas your location is on another state, country or continent? You shouldn’t have to worry. We have got the online package where we can guide you on how your Cell Phone will be repaired. The essence here is to ensure that we have served you all your phone repair needs.

We do all our things very fast, but also ensure that the quality of our services is maintained. There are a couple of Online Cell Phone Repair programs that you can access from us. With them, you will be able to study, learn and repair your old phones. Of course, you will want to use the skills that you have gained from us to repair your friends and family members old phone. That is the added advantage of getting the Phone Repair Training from us.

By saying Online Denver Cell Phone Repair, we mean that we will be enticed to serve you no matter how far you are located from us. We have made all our training programs clear and precise. You will get direct information regarding the tools and accessories that you will require for you to carry successfully out the repair. Our skilled repair technicians will assist you through the entire process just to make sure that you have not caused further damages on your device rather than actually eliminating the existing damages.

There are various types of damages on your old phones that might lead you to seek for the repair services. Damages resulting from cracked screens, data transfer, broken hinges, replacement of your cell phone housing, broken housing, volume problems, broken speakers, water damage, broken charge port, or cracked touchscreen or lens are some of the common repairs that you might need to get the knowledge on how to tackle them.

Why should you spend more on a new phone while you can cut the cost by repairing your existing phone? Phone Store Denver is your ultimate solution for all your cell phone repair problems and training. Get in touch with us for the best Online Cell Phone Repair Training and Services!

Campervan & motorhome vehicle hire pickup & drop off at London Luton Airport (LTN)

London Luton Airport (LTN) is an international airport located 1.5 nautical miles east of the town centre in the Borough of Luton in Bedfordshire, Campervan Hire England and is 30.5 NM north of Central London. The airport is 2 miles from Junction 10a of the M1 motorway.
London Luton Airport is another major pickup and drop off point for campervan and motorhome hire vehicles. Motorhome Hire London Luton Airport (LTN) is one of the UK’s largest airports, carrying 9.7 million passengers in 2013. The airport is a major base for low-cost or “no-frills” air travel.
Address: Airport Way, Luton, Bedfordshire LU2 9LY

There are frequent trains to London from Luton Airport Parkway train station.
A regular shuttle bus links the airport to Luton Airport Parkway train station in around 10 minutes. From there, rail services travel to Central London in as little as 21 minutes with East Midlands Trains.

Travelling from Luton Airport to London by Coach

National Express services depart from bays 4, 5, 6 and 10 outside the airport terminal. There are 75 services between Luton Airport and Central London every day. The journey time is roughly one hour and 15 minutes. Pick up and drop off points in Central London are: Finchley Road, St John’s Wood, Marylebone, Portman Square, Golders Green, Victoria Rail Station and Victoria Coach Station.

easyBus offers a high-frequency, low-cost express bus service between Central London and Luton Airport. There are stops at Brent Cross, Finchley Road, Baker Street, Oxford Street/Marble Arch and London Victoria. Fares start at £2 (online price) one-way. Book online and early for the best prices.

Terravision offer a low-cost coach service into Central London from Luton Airport. At peak times buses depart every 20 minutes and stop at Brent Cross, Baker Street and Marble Arch on their way to Victoria Coach Station. A standard one-way ticket costs £15.

You can also travel between London Luton Airport and London Victoria with GreenLine 757. Located at Bay 7 outside the terminal building.

Garden Shed Movie Stars

The Sheds Direct approach to filming Garden Sheds

Garden sheds sit silently and quietly performing their admirable jobs within some great films. We at Sheds Direct want to ask you this question; would the film have been the same if the sheds weren’t in them?

The Garden Shed in Chicken Run

Although chickens are usually stored in coops in the film ‘Chicken Run’ the chickens actually live in little sheds (Sheds Direct prefer building fabulous quality large sheds). The fear of being turned into chicken pies drives the incredibly intelligent chickens to create a giant flying bird to make a getaway. I wonder if any humans have tried making a flying bird inside their shed. Imagine if they’d had a large dutch barn to build their flying bird in! Not only would they have had more room, but it would have been so much more pleasant to look at too.

The Garden Shed Great Escape

Within the prisoner of war camps, sheds were their homes. As you can imagine, living in your garden shed can’t be easy or comfortable, especially having to share it with 40 or so other men. So it’s inevitable that they will want to escape! With cunning they used their shed as a camouflage to dig a deep tunnel from their sleeping quarters all the way out of camp and into nearby woods. Have you ever wanted to escape from your home into your garden shed – and if so would it make a good film? If so, let Sheds Direct know your thoughts!

The Garden Shed in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’

This is one of the only films using a garden shed in the way it should be. To fix your car! There are not many of us who can design and build a flying car which can also float (as per ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’) but it’s probably a little realistic than making a giant flying bird. Remember though that in ‘Chitty Chitty Bang Bang’, Caracatacus Potts’s father was captured in his shed as he got abducted by Vulgarian spies. This film is one of only a few where garden workshop have been used in musical cinema.

The Garden Shed Thing

In the film ‘The Thing’, arctic scientists lock their fellow doctor (Blair) in the tool shed fearing he has been infected. Not happy to sit around Blair begins constructing a spaceship in a recess below the garden shed. However MacReady, the helicopter pilot, guaranteed it would never take off. How? He did this by blowing it to pieces with a stick of dynamite. What ingenious or daft inventions have you used your garden shed for? Let us know here at Sheds Direct as we love good garden shed stories, as well as those regarding garden workshops and dutch barns. So there you have it. Sheds can have their 15 minutes of fame too.

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